The .Brands Node

#publicdomain --- Dance

.Brands is Part of a Crosslinking Network

Each target a specific context alone. A country specific website for example, is only covering that particular country and all the businesses, organisations, and people living there.

The bigger goals is to crosslink everything across all websites. So you can jump right to into the same topic within a different context without any search.

The reason why i do all that efford creating so many websites?

Because i don't want to waste your precious time in searching on one page. Websites need to work in the best interest of you and that is always to save your time.

Each website has The Sitemap always on the top right corner.

Country specific Websites

Curated directory of events, locations, companies, organisation, people, products, and services of the respected country.

The summary of all of the above.

Commercial Websites

B2B, B2C, etc.

How to run a business? Short, mid-, and longterm. Plan and reactive.
Sell, monetize, market the right way.
Get help and provide help.
Do you want a brand? Learn how!
My Boutique Agency focused on stategy, design, and development of online experience and delivering a message.
Is your domain still free? Which domains were just dropped?

Hub Websites

From here, you can crosslink jump in everywhere.

Big lists of topics to download
How to network? How to dance with social media?
How to disect content into infromation pieces?

News Websites

Syndicated and summarized content. Articles, listicles and downloadables.

Are yout tracking your online activities? Can you read the data correct?
Take a raspberry pi and start with TensorFlow.js
Boil buzzwords and tech speak down.

Special Interest Websites

Very niche topics.

Best practices around using emails.
Tutorials, Marketplaces, ways to monetize your passion.
Ihe perfect combination of Iceland and Minimalism.
I love American Football, thats what you will find here.

Personal Websites

Here you have my day by day progress.

Latest news around the network. 10 minutes limit.
What's my day by day schedule. Can i make the cut or do i fall flat?
What's my day by day work? How do i work?